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Patient Experience

Connecting To Patients. Improving Care.

The Patient Experience: Must It Be This Hard?

Q: As our group’s Medical Director, I am constantly having to talk with colleagues about patient...

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Eliminating Conversation Clutter

Q: We’re a busy internal medicine group. Some of our physicians see far fewer patients and it’s...

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Inspiration in Every Room

"I am struck with the gap in our knowledge and in our training for actually caring for patients” 

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Unexpected Rewards

“I like to remember something really positive that’s happened on a shift, even the smallest...

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The Nonadherent

Q: My colleagues and I agree that more patient education can improve adherence, but it’s really...

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Tune In to What Matters Most

For Ed Paul, MD, practicing and teaching medicine isn’t a job. It’s not even a career — it is a...

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Simple Pleasures

Every day, and all day if he had his way, my son plays with his good buddies and neighbors, Max...

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