In The End

Join Richard C. Senelick, MD and other specialists as they share stories and techniques to help us all better manage end-of-life care. The series captures more assured, efficient and empathetic approaches presented by experts in our community who manage end-of-life care. 

“In the End,” is a series that begins to unfold the many issues surrounding end-of-life care: What it means for patients, families and, perhaps most importantly in this case, for us as clinicians.

We hope you will be as moved as we were -- listening to colleagues tackling the myriad of these important, yet often daunting, themes.

Watch the preview:

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Members share as they watch the End-of-Life Care video series:

“Thank you for this series. To have been allowed into people's lives so intimately, to help lessen their suffering when health cannot be restored, is a sacred privilege. It reminds me yet again how lucky I am to be a physician, to be allowed into people's lives and hear their stories.” -- David Sofen, MD

“I love this. The goal of physicians is to reduce suffering. Real life is caring for the whole family during times of these difficult EOL decisions.” -- Jocelyn Zee, DO

“Excellent presentation. I am appreciative of the comments about parents' real and perceived roles in their children's care, and how that shapes their responses when death is imminent. We must learn to support them, give them realistic expectations and goals, and sometimes give them permission to make the tough decisions about end-of-life care.” -- Christine Nelson, MD

“I particularly like the portion that talks about working with what we have and thinking about the best outcome for the family since they are the people continuing on, not the patient. So often the family is where some attention is needed.”  -- William Fulton, MD