Unexpected Rewards

Because of our members, The Clinician Experience Project community has taken on a life of its own — signs of us learning together in every corner. Countless phrases like: “I will try this,” "I hadn't really thought about…,” “I need to remember...,” or “ this really hits home,” speaks to what this place is about — clinicians helping clinicians.

“I like to remember something really positive that’s happened on a shift, even the smallest things remind me of why I went into medicine."
— Bob Czincila, DO

While we’re focused on building skills and learning new techniques to tackle our common challenges, we always take time to share stories that help us reflect on what matters most to us and our patients. Watch the story.



What our fellow Clinician Experience Project members are saying:

"I love these craft stories. Helps me remember why I am in this profession. Each person we treat is someone's family member, friend, loved one."
—Matt Pollard, MD 

"What a trust we have each been givem -- to care for others. How can we ever not be grateful for the opportunity to make a difference? Thank you for helping me to rekindle that desire to be the best I can be for others, for me, for medicine."
—Stephen Sanders, MD

"Heartfelt and inspiring. These tough cases continue to guide how I 'share the news' with patients and their families. Always puts things in perspective."
—Jodi Forwand, MD

"Happens to all physicians in one way or another. It is never easy and I always learn from each experience."
—Alexander Lee, MD

"Made me stop and think and shed a tear."
—Todd Brown, MD

"Very poignant , well-done craft story. Reminds us just how thin the line between the patient and the doctor in the health care arena is sometimes."
—John Ames, MD

"Wonderfully produced and reminds us why we do what we do. Thank you so much, I needed this!"
—Agnew Wong, MD

"This is a touching example of the way our working lives make us stronger, wiser, more compassionate human beings."
—Deborah Murray, MD

"How many times as clinicians do we have to sit in that seat, for family, friends, and for people we do not even know. We should never forget the very thing that makes us human. This is why I drive everyday to make healthcare better."
—Chintu Sharma, MD